At RocketLaunch, the learning is not just about what we teach. It is about what people understand and remember, and what they can use in their enterprises. 

The learning effect also heavily relies on how messages are delivered and if they are deemed trustworthy by the receiver. This is why we strongly believe that people planning a dive into the blockchain industry need to be trained by instructors that have substantial experience in their fields, and hence know the reality of software development, business decision-making or a trading environment.

Our instructors are our most important and valuable asset. Their skills, knowledge, behaviour and ability to communicate are the key to deliver a better learning experience for our customers. But superior instructors are more than just skilled craftsmen. The cornerstone for success of a quality blockchain training provider is the instructor's ability to translate the seemingly complex nature of the technology into understandable concepts and applied knowledge.

In addition to delivering our courses, our instructors are also developers and consultants with worldwide outreach. Every day, they acquire more extensive real-world experience which is reflected in the courses they teach.

RocketLaunch instructors are cross-certified industry professionals - ranging from renowned business and finance executives to senior information technology consultants, with extensive real-world knowledge.  Every RocketLaunch Instructor:

Is certified and has extensive experience in each of the courses they teach

Provides accelerated instruction and guidance, covering fundamentals and hands-on concepts, and demonstrating real-world scenarios to solidify your understanding

RocketLaunch instructors deliver the curriculum, provide leadership, coach students to ensure successful information comprehension and retention as well as certification. Instructors provide group instruction and individual assistance with a keen ability to cater to every aptitude and background.

Our Instructors

Gary Nuttall
Gary Nuttall

Providing Blockchain consultancy, insight and education. Keynote speaker and presenter. ICO Advisor.

Blockchain for Business
Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen
Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen

Serving the blockchain since 2013 | Advisor at

ICO and Cryptocurrency Investing