ICO Fundamentals and Investment

1 day
Certificate of Completion
ICO and Cryptocurrency Investing
Available Date: TBC

What you learn on completion:

What ICOs and other Token Offerings Are

How to launch a successful ICO

What factors to consider when investing in ICOs

Regulation, Marketing and Cryptoeconomics of an ICO

The evolution and current state of raising funds through ICOs

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Course Outline

Part I: ICO Primer

  1. What are ICOs?
    1. What is the underlying technology which allows it?
    2. Tokens and Smart Contracts – an Overview
      1. Different Types of Tokens and their use-cases
      2. What smart contracts allow you to do
    3. A brief history of ICOs
  2. Why are they used by businesses to raise capital?
    1. The difference between ICOs and other forms of raising capital such as IPOs and Venture Capital
    2. Comparisons with other p2p financing styles like Equity Crowdfunding
    3. Pros and Cons of the ICO industry

Part II: ICOs for Business – Use-Cases, Strategies, and Viability

  1. Does your business need an ICO?
    1. Use-case discussions of where ICOs and tokens make sense and don’t
    2. How will it be incorporated in existing business processes?
  2. Cryptoeconomics 101
    1. The importance of token utility and value derivation
    2. Coin circulation within the ecosystem being created
    3. Bonded Tokens and Monetary Supply
    4. A discussion of incentives
    5. Deep-dive into types of tokens and how they affect the above
  3. Token based on platform vs New Cryptocurrency
    1. Pros and Cons of Each
    2. Where a new blockchain would be appropriate
    3. Alternative sidechain platforms
  4. Business Strategy:
    1. Team and Hiring
    2. Marketing and communications with users/investors
    3. Who is the target? Preventing Whales
    4. The importance of Exchanges
    5. ICO Launch Platforms
    6. “Smart Tokens” and Bancor
  5. ICO Regulatory Environment:
    1. KYC/AML
    2. Fraud
    3. Securities Regulation
    4. Jurisdictional Trends

Part III: Investing in ICOs

  1. What to look out for:
    1. Idea Evaluation
    2. Whitepaper analysis
    3. Competition
    4. Advisory Team and Strength
    5. What to avoid
  2. Launch Types and Terms:
    1. Standard Path
    2. Airdrops
    3. Bounties and other earnables
    4. Discounts, Hard Caps and Soft Caps
  3. Benchmarking and Macro factors affecting the ICO industry:
    1. State of ICO/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency reports
    2. Regulation, Exogenous Economic Activity
    3. Correlation between tokens
  4. Helpful Resources (Smith+Crown etc.)

Who is this course for?

This course has no pre-requisites. It's designed for anyone looking to learn about how to successfully invest in the booming cryptocurrency industry and its numerous real-world applications that are continuously being developed. It will specifically discuss the revolutionary new funding method, the initial coin offering (ICO), and how it is currently being used by entrepreneurs/investors to simplify and expand the capabilities of modern finance today.

Please note:
We can only hold these courses if we reach a minimum number of students.
We reserve the right to cancel the course and fully refund any tickets where we have not had enough tickets for the course.

About the Instructor

Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen

I have chosen to work for Blockchain Technologies Corporation because I believe that the blockchain technology has the potential to solve some of our worlds largest problems. Whether it being empowering the consumers in need of authentic medicine or adding transparency to our electoral system, it provides unprecedented opportunities to add value to the ones we love.

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