About Us

RocketLaunch.com is an education and training centre with the goal of increasing the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and their many real-world applications. Whether you’re an investor, business, developer or simply an individual seeking to learn more about the numerous opportunities within this new and exciting industry, our varied courses provide all the necessary tools for you to engage in this growing community and realise its transformative potential.

Our wide-ranging courses are built to cover all the significant applications of the technology, keeping on top of all the latest developments whilst appealing to the mass market use cases. You will learn from our diverse team of industry experts with years of experience in the fields of software development, business decision-making and trading.

One of our key goals is to educate and grow the cryptocurrency and blockchain community and its significant applications. Thus, we also provide the opportunity to receive funding upon completion of our courses and even the opportunity to join our team. We will be running an incubator and consulting services to support a full range of prospective projects and businesses. This makes RocketLaunch.com the essential ecosystem for individuals and businesses to grow alongside the world of blockchain.