Blockchain Development School

Learn about how you can be involved with the decentralized, trustless economy of the future. Our programmes are geared towards individuals and enterprises from all industry areas who are interested in discovering the blockchain's utility for their business needs.

What you will learn

Learn about the Blockchain

We offer a variety of courses on different aspects of blockchain tech; from programming on various platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger, to business applications and ICO fundamentals.

Get Certified as an Expert in your Area

Once you've passed our courses and demonstrated your understanding, you will receive shareable and blockchain-verified e-certificates that highlight your knowledge and expertise in the courses you've chosen.

Apply your Knowledge

Our after-course support and mentoring enables you to apply your learning with confidence. By now, your knowledge of the blockchain should lead you to develop many creative use-case applications!

Grow your Business, and the Ecosystem

Through our funding and consultancy programs, we fund promising startup ideas from students of our course, and provide platforms for them to support the community with what they've learned.

The instructors

The workshop will be led and delivered by the Blockchain experts:

The Venue

Our courses are held across several locations in central London. They are conveniently placed to be walking distance from main underground stations.

27 Easton Street
Clerkenwell, London

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Blockchain for Business Applications - 1 Day Training Workshop

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